yoga for posture improvement_how to improve posture with yoga_thebodyconditioner

Yoga Exercises for Posture Improvement – How to Improve Posture With Yoga

Today you’ll get 3 yoga exercises for posture improvement. Learn how to improve your posture with yoga. In under 6 […]

HOW YOUR VOICE REFLECTS WHO YOU ARE - Spiritual Voice Building_thebodyconditioner

How Your Voice Reflects Who You Are – Spiritual Voice Building

In under 8 minutes, I explain what spiritual voice building is and I’ll give you a homework and many examples to playfully explore your exceptional voice. Yoga is part of the equation too. Have fun!

how voice building helps shift your mindset_find your unique voice_thebodyconditioner

How Voice Building Helps Shift Your Mindset – Find Your Unique Voice

Learn in under 6 minutes what voice building is, how it helps shift your mindset, and how yoga is part of the equation too. I’ll show you how to empower your singing voice and how to sing in a fuller, richer, truer voice.

how to breathe properly for your type_solar or lunar breathing_thebodyconditioner

How to Breathe Properly for Your Type – Solar or Lunar Breathing?

In this yoga breathing, learn in under 5 minutes if your breath is solar or lunar and how to breathe properly for your type!

how to heal your voice with yoga_2 yoga exercises for voice_thebodyconditioner

How to Heal Your Voice With Yoga – 2 Yoga Exercises for Voice

In this post, and in under 5 minutes, I’ll show you how to help your voice sound more grounded and connected with these yoga for voice.

No More Hands Assists In Yoga – Why Hands Off Yoga Adjustment Works

Despite the fact that these times are quite challenging, I encounter so much joy. The joy of having the capacity […]

how foods help correct bow legs quickly_5 tips for bow legs_thebodyconditioner

How Foods Help Correct Bow Legs Quickly – 5 Tips for Bow Legs

Join me to find out what foods to take to help heal your bow legs naturally. In 5 minutes you’ll learn what may work for you too!

ATEMTECHNIKEN ZUR BERUHIGUNG_ Damit Du Dich Besser Fühlst_thebodyconditioner

Atemtechniken Zur Beruhigung – Damit Du Dich Besser Fühlst!

In diesem Video habe ich Atemtechniken zur Beruhigung fuer Dich, damit Du Dich besser fühlst! Wußtest Du, dass ich auch auf Deutsch unterrichte? Wenn dir das gefällt, gib mir ein Like!

deep yoga breathing exercises for anxiety_thebodyconditioner

Breathing Exercises COVID-19 – How to Breathe Properly?

Learn in 4 minutes how to breathe properly, how to get deeper breaths in, and how to heal quicker. Practice with me and stay blessed!