WHY NOT EVERYBODY HAS TO RUN_Functional Exercises For KNEE IMBALANCE_thebodyconditioner

Why Not Everybody Has to Run – Functional Exercises for Knee Imbalance

In this video, I’ll explore why not everybody has to run. Let’s figure out why functional exercises work well for knee imbalances or other imbalances that you may have. In just 5 minutes we’ll explore why it makes sense to add functional yoga exercises to your workout routine.

HOW TO DO YOGA WITH KNEE INJURY_Yoga Sequence For Bad Knees_thebodyconditioner

How to Do Yoga With Knee Injury – Yoga Sequence for Bad Knees

Do you know how to do yoga with a knee injury? Today I give you a yoga sequence for bad knees. Join me for an easy yoga class helping you heal. In under 18 minutes, I show you shapes that you can practice regularly to heal your knee(s) from injury. Learn how to turn your bad knees into GOOD knees.

YOGA FOR LOSS OF LUMBAR LORDOSIS - Get Curvature Back into Lower Back_thebodyconditioner

Yoga for Loss of Lumbar Lordosis – Get Curvature Back Into Lower Back

Let’s figure out how to get the curvature back into your lower back. Practice this 5-mins sequence and begin to notice the difference.

deep yoga breathing exercises for anxiety_thebodyconditioner

Deep Yoga Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Learn in 7 minutes how to do deep yoga breathing exercises to relieve your anxiety. Practice with me and stay blessed! Read this post now!

knock knees yoga for meniscus_how to get stronger knees_thebodyconditioner

Knock Knees Yoga For Meniscus – How To Get Stronger Knees

This video is all about knock knees yoga for meniscus. Learn how to get stronger knees with just one lateral meniscus yoga exercise.


Yoga For Semitendinosus And Semimembranosus: Strengthen & Stretch!

In under 5 minutes, you’ll learn how to strengthen and stretch your medial hamstrings. Join me for an easy sequence to dive deeper!

wrong sleeping posture to correct bow legs thebodyconditioner.jpg

Wrong Sleeping Posture To Correct Bow Legs?

Our sleeping position reflects our habits. In this video, you’ll learn how to minimize your bow legs while you snooze!

bow legs yoga for inflammation and osteoarthritis_thebodyconditioner

Bow Legs Yoga For Inflammation (And Osteoarthritis)!

I noticed that many of you already suffer from inflammation and/or osteoarthritis! 😳 I KNOW!!! Here’s your bow legs yoga […]