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Wouldn’t you want to regain your strength by identifying your unique breath?

In my BRAND NEW VIDEO I show you 1 YOGA EXERCISE for the SOLAR BREATHING TYPE. It may help you to settle back into your own body and reconnect to yourself. In less than 8 minutes you’ll learn HOW TO BREATHE PROPERLY for YOUR TYPE. CLICK BELOW to get started NOW!

Wouldn’t you want to deepen this topic? It’s so amazing to me that our breathing type is vital to us understanding our own practice. So, I wrote an eBook about it. The previous exercises are just a glimpse of what I cover on 22 pages. And this is what it looks like:

lunar and solar breathing in the yoga practice thebodyconditioner
Do you breathe properly for your type?

The purpose of this eBook is NOT to polarize breathing types, patterns or styles. It is also not my aim to stereotype the way you breathe. Everybody is different and so is your breath. This eBook simply invites you to explore your unique breath in order to empower your own self. Your breath is as unique as you are. And by understanding it more deeply you will be able to heal and transform on an even deeper level.

On 22 pages this eBook covers:

  1. Why your breath is absolutely unique
  2. Lunar and solar breathing types
  3. Functional and positional exercises for lunar and solar breathing types
  4. Characteristics of solar and lunar breathing types
  5. Tips for yoga instructors
  6. How to spot the breathing difference in class
  7. BONUS: Breathing types for string instrumentalists

Get your eBook HERE!

Wishing you amazing breath!

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