7 HOLLOW BACK YOGA EXERCISES - Sway Back Posture Correction_thebodyconditioner

7 Hollow Back Yoga Exercises – Sway Back Posture Correction

Today I show you 7 HOLLOW BACK YOGA exercises. Join me for a simple yoga practice for SWAY BACK CORRECTION. […]

1 BODY ALIGNMENT YOGA EXERCISE - Posture Correction Yoga_thebodyconditioner

1 Body Alignment Yoga Exercise – Posture Correction Yoga

It has become an epidemic. Adults as well as children suffer from poor posture. Today you will get a body alignment […]

YOGA FOR 9 TO 5 WORKERS - Exercises AFTER Sitting All Day_thebodyconditioner

Yoga For 9 to 5 Workers – Exercises After Sitting All Day

Our bodies were never meant to be sedentary. They were designed for movement. But that’s not always possible when work […]

WHY DO I GET PAIN IN-BETWEEN MY SHOULDER BLADES? And How To Relieve It_thebodyconditioner

Why Do I Get Pain In-Between My Shoulder Blades? And How To Relieve It

Are you wondering what to do about the pain in-between your shoulder blades? In just 7 minutes I’ll explain WHAT […]

HOW NOT TO DAMAGE YOUR BACK - 7 Exercises To CORRECT Injured Back_thebodyconditioner

How Not To Damage Your Back – 7 Exercises To Correct Injured Back

Learn how NOT to damage your back! Get 7 exercises to correct your injured back. In under 11 minutes I’ll […]

POSTURE CORRECTION EXERCISES FOR WOMEN - Yoga Poses For Women_thebodyconditioner

Posture Correction Exercises For Women – Yoga Poses For Women

Today, we will practice posture correction exercises for women. Learn yoga poses for women. In under 8 minutes you’ll get […]

How to relieve back pain from scoliosis_I healed my own imbalances_thebodyconditioner

How To Relieve Back Pain From Scoliosis – I Healed My Own Imbalances

Wondering how to relieve back pain from scoliosis? I healed my own imbalances and want to show you how. In […]

yoga for posture improvement_how to improve posture with yoga_thebodyconditioner

Yoga Exercises for Posture Improvement – How to Improve Posture With Yoga

Today you’ll get 3 yoga exercises for posture improvement. Learn how to improve your posture with yoga. In under 6 […]