yoga for lower back - release tension in lower back

Did you know that the lumbar spine supports the weight of the entire body? The lower the vertebra is down the spine, the more weight and pressure it must bear.

The bottom two vertebrae, naturally, support the most weight and are therefore the most prone to injury. But our lifestyles may equally contribute to the pain in our backs.

The spine is meant to move and bend and twist! It allows us to bend over to pick up our children, to dance, to play, and to sit or stand upright at work. A healthy spine will do all of those things with ease.

Have you injured your lower back and have had troubles with it ever since? But wouldn’t you love to improve your symptoms to the point that you don’t have constant pain?

Join me for a simple yoga exercise to stretch your stiff back and hips. This easy movement & breathing technique can be helpful for pain, arthritis, soreness, stiffness, tightness, tension and other lower back problems, and you can learn it in under 11 minutes.

The lower back isn’t immune to muscle pain. Lower back pain is often caused by muscle strain from heavy lifting, bending, or repetition. Osteoarthritis can also occur from normal aging and wear and tear, creating nerve pressure, tenderness, and even a limited range of motion.

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